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In the above calendar, you can start by clicking on the MONTH or DAY you would like more service information on.

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Use the calendar to view free service, no free service (bus is running but you must pay the fare) and no service days (holidays, bus is not running or no free service) with Schoharie County Public Transportation.  We have put together some transportation routes that are for your convenience.  With your valid Suny Cobleskill ID badge you can ride some of our bus routes for FREE.  This free service will get you into Cobleskill, Albany and various other places to provide convenient and safe transportation for you right from Knapp Circle or the Alumni Commons.    

Plan Your Trip

Planning ahead will make your trip much easier.  You will know where the pick up location is and what time to be there.  Don't forget to make sure you know where you will be picked up and what time to be there for your return trip home.  Ask the driver before you leave the bus to confirm your information.

Use the route pages for exact times and locations of bus stops.  

Route Pages for Monday - Saturday Service  (Routes 1, 2, 2A, 3, 20 & 22)

Route 20 Weekends for Saturday & Sunday Service


For information on how to get the most out of your calendar, use the help link above. 



The Schoharie County Public Transportation System is available to ALL residents of Schoharie CountyRideSCPT